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Pack Rental

Is your kiddo too small to hike and you don’t own a carrier/backpack? REI in Salt Lake City rents them locally for $10 per day and Ciao Baby Equipment Rentals rents them with delivery online. Also, don’t forget to check KSL for a good used one. No need to pay full price for something you really won’t be using for all that long.

Utah Family Hikes Review

This summer Adrianne and I plan on doing some of the great “Family Friendly” hikes listed in the links above with our families and the moms and kids of Sippy Cups & Chardonnay then writing a review of how it went. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Cecret Lake 7.7.2015 by Kelly Wood

Cecret LakeThis is a great 2.5 mile round trip family hike to a beautiful mountain lake, surrounded by wild flowers, just past Alta, Utah. To get there, take 90th S. eastbound across the valley then up into Little Cottonwood Canyon, passing Snowbird and Alta, to the Albion Basin Campground. The parking lot at the Albion Basin Campground is limited and if you are going with a group I would recommend carpooling from just past the Alta check point. The road up to the campground is rugged with some rather large bumps and sometimes doesn’t fully open up until July, so if you are venturing up before that, it wouldn’t hurt to give them a call. Once there, the trail signs are easy to follow and there is a public restroom near the parking lot. I have just one bit of advice for those hiking with new walkers and toddlers in general, I wouldn’t recommend it for the really little walkers as it can be a bit steep and rocky at points, but toss those kiddos in a pack and hike them in and they’ll have a blast! You will also be crossing several tiny streams on this hike that when we crossed were no deeper than 6″ and there were quite a few perfectly placed stones to hop on to keep your toes dry, but I bet they could get significantly harder to cross with a good rain storm, so be prepared. Oh, and click HERE for a UTAH.com’s description of the hike with great pics and a map.

Silver Lake 7.20.2015 by Kelly Wood

FullSizeRender-5Silver Lake has got to be one of the easiest and the most kid friendly hikes by far, absolutely perfect for getting new walkers out into nature. I would even consider this just under a mile roundtrip hike to be stroller friendly. Most of it is a boardwalk with a small part through the trees that is a dirt trail with a few rocks and roots, but nothing a baby jogger wouldn’t be able to navigate around. To get there, drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon past Brighton Ski Resort and you will see the parking lot and Visitor’s Center off to your right as the road splits into a one-way. Parking is free and there are restrooms in the Visitor’s Center. On the day we were there it got a little busy around noon even with a few sprinkles, but nothing like craziness of parking in Albion Basin. I highly recommend bringing a picnic lunch and a blanket, finding the perfect sitting rock and enjoying the scenery beneath the pine trees with your family. Click HERE to go to the Forest Service’s description of the Silver Lake Loop Trail.

Catherine Pass  7.22.2015 by Kelly Wood

E&OWe (Olivia 3.5, Ethan 2 and me 38) started this hike with the best of intentions, just to get out of the house and enjoy the mountains and that we did! Of this 3 mile roundtrip hike I would say that we made it at least half way. It was a bit too steep and rocky for my toddlers, and occasionally the dropoff beside the trail made me a little nervous, but well worth giving it a shot. The best part – We crossed two tiny streams that my kids absolutely loved splashing in and I bet we spent nearly 30 minutes playing in the sand beside the trail a few hundred yards from the car. Can’t wait to try this one again when the kids are a little bit older. To get to this hike simply drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon, passing Snowbird and Alta to Albion Basin. You will see the trail head on the left side of the road and the parking lot with a restroom on the right. Parking here is very limited and has a tendency to fill up early. If you are hiking during the week I would suggest a 9:30am or earlier start time. I’ve read that this hike does most of its 900′ climb in the first third of a mile and I can definitely attest to that. Once you make it to Catherine Pass you can continue down into Big Cottonwood Canyon passing Mary, Martha and Catherine Lakes eventually going to Brighton Ski Resort. Someday we will get to the top and descend into Brighton. Someday. Click HERE for a detailed map and more information on this beautiful hike.

Battle Creek Falls 8.2.2015 by Adrianne Meaders

FullSizeRender (2)

Overview: Battle Creek Falls is a 1.8 mile out and back trail located near Pleasant Grove, Utah that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from May until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Cons: When we first arrived, I was very nervous as Battle Creek didn’t even trickle down at the parking lot. I later found that the city siphons the water away about midway up the trail.   There is a gun range near by, and I was startled to be greeted by gun fire.  Being from Dallas, I ducked behind my car after hearing the first shot before I realized what was going on.  There are bathrooms in the near by park, but having had to use them I would strongly recommend stopping at a restaurant or gas station before taking the hike.  The worst gas station bathroom would be better than those at the site.  The elevation gain for the hike is only 480 feet, but there are some steep parts that could be difficult for those who are in less than ideal shape.

Pros: Battle Creek Falls is a short 35 minute drive from the south end of the valley.  There is tons of parking at the trailhead.  This is a great short hike that can be completed in about an hour (depending on how much time is spent enjoying the falls).  There are beautiful views from the canyon looking over Utah Valley.  The falls are both beautiful and accessible from both above and below.   I would highly recommend wearing shoes and clothing that you are okay with getting wet, especially if you bring your little one to play in the falls.  The trail in most places is a wide gravel road.  There rock face to the side of the trail is easy for children to climb and play on.  There is even a small cave to crawl in about 1/2 way up on the north side of the trail.  It was a nice short hike that helped my little burn of tons of energy.  It is a nice hike to do with visitors who are not used to altitude or a group of varying hiking and fitness levels.

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