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Updated October 27, 2017
My kids are obsessed with rocks. Last spring after I watched an entire bucket of rocks from our driveway make their way into my children’s bedroom collections, I decided it was time we venture out and get them some rocks that are much cooler then the ones they’ve been finding. What kid wouldn’t want to find 40-50 million year old fish fossils in Kemmerer, Wyoming or geodes created 6-8 million years ago near Dugway, Utah on the Pony Express Trail and extinct hard shelled creatures called trilobites from 520 million years ago near Delta, Utah? Sounds like a blast to me!  Last summer we took three big rock trips that you can read about below, then scroll down to the bottom of this post to see trips we’d like to take. Enjoy!

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Click HERE to read about our trip to the Dugway Geode Beds in western Utah 5.8.2016

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Click HERE to read about our trip to U-Dig Fossils near Delta, Utah 5.14.2016

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Click HERE to read about our trip to Fossil Safari in Kemmerer, Wyoming 6.2.2016

Here is a list of cool things we can’t wait to check out in and around Utah:

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