Project Valentine

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Project Valentine started in 2014 with Westvale Elementary (West Jordan, Utah) and by January 2017, over 70 elementary schools had been added to our list in Salt Lake county. Here at SC&C, we realize that not every child’s family can afford to supply Valentine’s Day cards to pass out in class. This is where we come in, we take in donated Valentine cards then pass them along to local schools, so that no child will feel left out on this fun holiday.


If you would like to donate Valentine’s to Project Valentine 2017, please email us at And don’t forget, we are also looking forward to the weeks after Valentine’s Day where we stock up for the next year at 90% off. Places like Walgreen’s, Smith’s, Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Dollar Tree, and Big Lots always have the best deals. So, if you’d like to donate after Valentine’s Day, we’d love that too. Thank you for helping us make a child’s holiday a little more fun, we couldn’t do it without you!


Project Valentine Donations March 2016 (2,200 Boxes)


Project Valentine Donations February 2017 (we’re not done counting and are bummed that we don’t have a pic of them all, but are already over 4,300 boxes!)

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