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How to Make Your Own Jar Labels

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Ordering cute labels for your jars can get expensive quick with companies like Zazzle ($1-$2 per label), but recently I discovered and now there’s no turning back. Once you’ve gotten all signed up, create your design on their Letterhead (US) so you can easily print it.

I started with a plain circle I found in the upper left hand corner under search then shapes. You can make it any color you’d like, but make the size 290×290 for 8 oz. wide mouth jars or 280×280 for 8 oz. tall jars. I made the outer circle a peachy color then added a slightly smaller white one. Next you’ll need to find a photo you like or choose on of Canva’s (Free-$1) to add into the center. To insert the photo you’ll need to click frames then scroll down until you find the circle one. Download or choose the photo you’d like and drop it into the perfectly placed frame and voila, you’r label is looking great already! Now all you have left to do is add the text. I used Libre Bakersville and Great Vibes for the font above, but you can choose from at least fifty very cool ones under text in the dropdown menu.

Alright, so your label looks perfect, but there’s only one on the page. Click just outside your new image in the lower right corner and drag up to the upper left corner and click copy. Do this until there are 6 on the page. Now it’s time to print.

Wide Mouth Labels – Click print, scale and 100%

Tall Jar Labels – Click print, scale and 80%

Once your labels are printed on regular printer paper, cut them out with scissors, grab your kid’s glue stick, load up the back side and stick it on the lid of your jam. For the wide mouth ones I took the ring off so the label will go under it. Thank you to for making this possible and I hope you enjoy making your own mostly free labels as much as I do!

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