Hats for Primary Children’s Hospital

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Today I spoke with Marie Hendriksen at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City about making crocheted hats for some of their patients. They would love to find a group to make hats for them, but have requested that the hats be for slightly older kids and NOT for newborns or preemies. Specifically, they would like for them to be for children who range in age from 6 months to 16 years. Those are the hats they need the most. She also mentioned that they have a need for hats for teenage boys with cancer, so making something for an older child would be great.

We also discussed types of hats. Below are pictures and links to hats they would absolutely love to have. If you would like more information about making hats for Primary Children’s, please email Marie Hendriksen at Marie.Hendriksen@imail.org. And if you know of any great patterns for knitters, please email me at slcsippycupsandchardonnay@gmail.com so I can add them to our list. Thank you!!

Minions! Click HERE for the pattern.

Click HERE for directions to make these adorable sock monkey hats!

It’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Time! Click HERE to make this adventure packed hat.

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Source: Lisa Auch

Fly me away with this aviator hat. Click HERE for the pattern.

Hoo, hoo, hoo wants to make this owly hat? Click HERE to learn how.

Gobble, gobble! Make Thanksgiving extra special with this turkey hat!! Click HERE for the pattern.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Click HERE for the pattern to make this festive holiday hat.

How sweet is this little cupcake? Click HERE for directions on how to whip up this adorable hat.

For all the Star Wars fans, an R2D2 hat! Click HERE for the pattern.

Crochet Rochelle’s Pretty Girl Beanie would make any little girl feel special. Click HERE to learn how to make it.

It’s game time! Click HERE to make this awesome football beanie.

Click HERE to make a giraffe hat!

Boy does this woman have some great crocheted animal hats! Click HERE to make this hungry hungry hippo.

SHARK! Click HERE to make this super scary hat.

Do you wanna build a snowman? Click HERE to make this Elsa inspired hat.

It’s Minnie & Mickey Mouse! Click HERE for the pattern.

Princess Leia beanie! Click HERE to make this Star Wars hat.

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit! Click HERE to make this froggy hat.

This intermediate hat for knitters would be perfect in any color for a boy or a girl who is too “cool” for any of the hats listed above. Click HERE for directions to make this hat for a toddler or a teen.

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