A Few Things We’ve Done

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Sippy Cups & Chardonnay is all about giving back in our community.

Here are a few of the things we’ve done since becoming a group on December 12, 2014:

February 2018

2.13.18 Thank you to Adrianne Meaders for hosting our 3rd annual Mardi Bra Party on Fat Tuesday. We took in 1362 pads,1177 Diapers, 896 wipes, 170 liners, 148 tampons, 147 mini hygiene items, 139 pairs of underwear, 23 bras, 10 boxers, 2 cleaning kits, and a few additional miscellaneous items and on 2.21.18 it was all donated to Serve Refugees in Salt Lake City!

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2.19.18 At SC&C we love nothing more than getting a screaming deal on something we can donate back into our community. This week we scored nearly 2,000 boxes of Valentines, 500+ hats for kids and 200+ pairs of socks all at 90% off at Target stores in Salt Lake County!

IMG_0758   Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.34.22 PM   IMG_0760

January 2018

1.19.18  Every January Operation Underground Railroad does a donation drive and this year we donated 60 throw blankets, 100 granola bars, and 24 composition notebooks and pens. Every little bit helps and we love supporting this local nonprofit. To learn more about O.U.R. and what they do not only in our community, but around the world, click HERE.


1.20.18 This year’s Project Valentine was, well, bigger than we ever could’ve imagined. As a group we donated over 5,000 boxes of Valentines in 403 backpacks to 70 Title 1 elementary schools and 16 regular elementary schools in Salt Lake County. We also filled large boxes and delivered them to The Road Home, Utah Refugee Connection and YWCA. All we can say is WOW and that our ladies should be very proud of yourselves. This was a huge undertaking and we made it happen in just 10 days!


December 2017

12.16.17 We love to support women and children at the Operation Underground Railroad Aftercare Center for victims of trafficking in Salt Lake City. This year our volunteers led by Esther Pruiksma threw them a Christmas party. We donated Christmas gifts for 30 women and their children, plus everything to wrap the gifts with, 30 stockings filled with treats, fuzzy socks, sugar cookies with frosting to decorate, and a catered lunch with hot cocoa.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.01.09 AM

12.25.17 Merry Christmas! Today 6 families chosen by the University of Utah Women’s Resource Center are opening their gifts donated through our Christmas Giving Tree project. Thank you to Jenny Schaeffer for putting it all together and to all our moms that donated. You guys are the best!


November 2017

11.21.17 Today after doing an amazing job at organizing this year’s Thanksgiving Project, SC&C mom, Jenny Schaeffer, delivered 13 complete Thanksgiving dinners to YWCA Utah. Nice work, Jenny!


11.26.17 Today we delivered what amounted to three minivans full of toys, games and wrapping paper for those in need at Christmas in Salt Lake County. Click HERE to learn more, to donate or to volunteer during the holidays at Candy Cane Corner.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.09.41 AM.png

October 2017

10.14.17 This month, for the 4th time this year, we donated hygiene kits and snacks for the women and children at the Operation Underground Railroad Aftercare Center for victims of trafficking in Salt Lake City. Have any lotion, shampoo, conditioner or soap you brought home from your last hotel stay? We’d love to have it! Email us anytime at slcsippycupsandchardonnay@gmail.com to arrange pickup or delivery. Thank you!


August 2017

8.25.17 With the help of quite a few volunteers today we filled 411 backpacks with 535 boxes of colored pencils, 851 rulers, 349 bottles of glue, 764 notebooks, 2,495 erasers, 1,516 boxes of crayons, 20,703 #2 pencils, 204 pens, 119 dry erase markers, 3,113 kid scissors, 871 boxes of markers, 1,815 glue sticks and 981 folders making this our biggest Back to School Supply Drive yet. Thank you to all that donated and to those that helped pack the backpacks for Salt Lake County’s Title 1 schools and The Road Home. You guys really are the best and we couldn’t do it without you! Special thanks for NATCA Charitable and KUTV2 News along with Mountain America Credit Union for donating $2,000 to our cause, it’s because of you that this was our biggest year yet!


July 2017

7.9.17 Today these amazing moms, Amanda Christopherson, Jocelyn Rainville, Kiah Harper, Kati Marshall, Liz Putsch, Amanda Vasquez, Laure Sanders, Beth Goldberg and Nicole Marshall, made 90 sack lunches for the Road Home’s Midvale Shelter! If you’d like to sign up to do this downtown or in Midvale, click HERE.


7.6.17 After 2 months of sorting, organizing, separating, washing and labeling, 62 bags full of onsies, pjs, shoes, school uniforms, church clothes, play clothes, socks, swaddlers, winter jackets, and baby blankets were donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, YWCA and Primary Children’s Medical Center by SC&C mom, Angie Whetman. You are amazing, Angie!! Also, special thanks to Amy from Just Between Friends for donating all that was left from their sale in the spring to SC&C. It will be put to good use by those that needed it most in Salt Lake County!


7.3.17 Thank you to SC&C moms Adrianne Meaders, Beth Goldberg, Esther Pruiksma, Natalie Harris, Kim Gardner and Rebecca Bartholomew for representing Sippy Cups & Chardonnay in the Riverton Town Days ’17 Parade!


7.3.17 Last Friday’s Whineless Wine Time & Donation Drive brought in 40+ belts, 3 backpacks, lots of ramen, Mac & Cheese, fruit snacks, soup, sunscreen, bug spray and miscellaneous toiletry items for Volunteers of America’s homeless youth in Salt Lake City. Thank you to all that attended and donated, they really appreciated it.


June 2017

6.22.17 We love donations of items, but sometimes it’s cold hard cash that helps us quickly fulfill the urgent needs lists of some of our favorite organizations. The following are items that were purchased this month with donated dollars:

IMG_3670   IMG_3981   IMG_3665

Operation Underground Railroad Care Center in SLC –
A Costco cartful of snacks and easy/on-the-go foods. Then from Wal-Mart we purchased 44 sticks of Deodorant, 39 Hand Sanitizers, and a cartful of Maxi Pads, Tampons, Ramen, Soup, Easy-Mac, Tuna, and Fruit Cups.

Volunteers of America, Utah
992 Diapers Sizes Newborn-6, 59 Sunscreen, 31 Bug Spray, 10 Boxes of Tea, 8 Boxes of Ice Cream, and a can opener

South Valley Services
A cartful of Kitchen Trash Bags, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper and Disinfecting Wipes

The Road Home
464 Size 5 & 6 Diapers

Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center
A cartful of snacks and drinks from Costco – Capri Sun, Fruit Snacks, Rice Krispie Treats, and single serving bags of chips and cookies.

The organizations listed above do some pretty amazing work in our community taking care of the homeless, children that have been abused and/or trafficked and families that are struggling with domestic violence. This group was founded to get moms together and to help those in need locally. By donating to SC&C you are in turn helping these and quite a few other organizations help those that need it most right here in Salt Lake County and we can’t thank you enough.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Sippy Cups & Chardonnay, and help us continue to be able to fulfill the urgent needs lists of these organizations, please go to https://sippycupsandchardonnay.org/make-a-donation/. Thank you!

6.19.17 This morning Deb Hall and Kelly W. cooked breakfast for homeless youth at Volunteers of America in Salt Lake City.


May 2017

5.6.17 These 11 SC&C moms worked all day painting for National Women Build Week with Habitat for Humanity. Nice work, ladies!


April 2017

4.10.17 Last night SC&C took in a few cash donations for the Operation Underground Railroad care center in Salt Lake City, so this morning we ran over to WalMart and for $152.72, this is what was purchased with those donated dollars. If you would like to help us support other local organizations when they need it most, click HERE to make a donation. Thank you!!!


4.8.17 Today we would like to give a shout out to SC&C mom, Angie Whetman, for making over 200 rice bags for Huntsman Cancer Institute over the last month. You rock!


4.6.17 Today we dropped off the rest of the 259 Easter baskets our moms made for all the homeless children under age 9 at The Road Home. This was a big project and we couldn’t do it without all our amazing moms. Thank you!! If you would like to donate, participate or learn more about SC&C’s Operation Easter Bunny, click HERE.


March 2017

3.28.17 SC&C Moms Marci Hassen, Alyssa Arko, Rebekah Grover, Rebecca Bartholomew, Desiree Dalby, Beth Goldberg, Deb Hall and Shanel McLenon cooked and served dinner at the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Primary Children’s Hospital in SLC tonight!


3.8.17 Today Adrianne Meaders donated all that was taken in at our Mardi Bra party on February 28th to The Utah Refugee Center. Our moms really are the best, we took in and donated 18 Baby Blankets, 859 Pads, 428 Liners, 100 Size 1 Diapers, 280 Size 2 Diapers, 64 Size 3 Diapers, 596 Size 4 Diapers, 227 Size 5 Diapers, 43 Size 6 Diapers, 17 Shampoos, 25 Deodorant Sticks, 15 Baby Soaps, 26 Bottles of Lotion, 10 Pairs of Socks, 98 Pairs of Panties and 188 Bras + 4 large boxes of children’s’ clothing!

The Utah Refugee Center was very grateful for all items collected and we were glad to help. If you are interested in learning more or seeing any current needs they may have, please click HERE.


February 2017

2.28.17 It’s Fat Tuesday and you know what that means? Time for our 2nd annual Mardi Bra Party! Thank you to SC&C mom, Adrianne Meaders, for hosting and all the moms that donated. Together we were able to collect 17 Baby Blankets, 859 Pads, 428 Liners, 100 Size 1 Diapers, 280 Size 2 Diapers, 64 Size 3 Diapers, 596 Size 4 Diapers, 227 Size 5 Diapers, 43 Size 6 Diapers, 64 Pairs of Panties , 188 Bras and too many personal care items to count!!


2.26.17 Thank you to Elizabeth Payne for hosting and to all these SC&C moms for serving a wonderful dinner to the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City.


2.21.17 This is only a fraction of the nearly 5,000 boxes of Valentines that were donated after Valentine’s Day this year. Next year’s Project Valentine is going to be HUGE!


2.19.17 Today we stumbled upon two clearance carts full of plastic eggs and Easter baskets, so for $21 we bought them both then donated all 2,000 eggs to Utah Kids Foundation for their special needs egg hunt and kept the baskets for our Operation Easter Bunny. We love it when we find a bargain like this, so never hesitate to email us at slcsippycupsandchardonnay@gmail.com or call 360-920-7777 if you see a great deal!


2.17.17 Today SC&C bought nearly 3,000 pairs of scissors from Office Max in Sandy for $0.20 each. Thanks for the head’s up on this awesome deal, Leslie Richards, this will be a great addition to our 2017 Back to School Supply Drive in August!


2.13.17 Today we delivered 15 of our rice bag warmers to The Lodge by Valeo (an inpatient hospice residence) in Salt Lake City for their patients and are looking forward to helping them all throughout the year. Our group loves simple sewing projects and if we can help a patient with cancer keep warm, then we will do it!
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.50.02 AM.png

2.5.17 Today 30 SC&C moms and kids brought the residents of Carrington Court and Legacy House in South Jordan home-made Valentine’s. Thank you for hosting this super fun day, Desiree VanDyke!

2.3.17 This week we teamed up with RubySnap (the best cookies ever!) in Salt Lake City to do a weekly delivery to the Ronald McDonald House Family Room at Primary Children’s Hospital and The Fisher House for veterans. If you would like to signup to pickup and deliver cookies on Wednesdays, click HERE and thank you to all that have helped with this project, the folks at Primary Children’s and The Fisher House really appreciate it.


January 2017

1.29.17 Today our Vice President, Danielle Young, picked up 100 Corduroy, Paddington Bear, Curious George and Madeline stuffed dolls along with 100 matching books from Kohl’s in Riverton, Utah for $320.55. That makes them around $1.50 each! Thanks for the tip, Kelly Smith. It’s because of moms like you keeping an eye out for good deals that we can help so many other organizations and those in need in Salt Lake County.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 6.15.40 PM.png

1.21.17 Over the last week something pretty amazing happened. The moms of Sippy Cups & Chardonnay held a donation drive and gathered 80 bottles of vitamins, 80 Hot Wheels, 50 jump ropes, 50 bracelets, 40 soccer balls, 80 bottles of bubbles, 80 boxes of granola bars, 15 Rubbermaid containers, 50 wash cloths, 75 packages of markers, 50 bars of soap, 50 fun pencils, 50 notebooks, 60 packages of colored pencils, 75 boxes of crayons, 50 rulers, and 40 bags of candy to make aftercare packages for children rescued by Operation Underground Railroad and today two of our volunteers, Kelly Ostino Wood and Esther Pruiksma, brought all those items and helped put together all the bags. 

Wondering who the guy in the picture is? It’s Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, and today we made him a promise that Sippy Cups & Chardonnay would help them with anything they need locally. The things this man has done here in Salt Lake County as well as around the world is amazing and if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely make time to watch his movie, The Abolitionists.


1.14.17 Tonight’s Project Valentine Wine Night was a huge success! Twelve of our moms got together and sorted over 2,000 boxes of Valentine’s into 145 backpacks that will be delivered this week to Salt Lake County’s Title 1 Schools and The Road Home. Nice job ladies!!


December 2016

12.21.16 Because of our awesome moms, 25 people in Salt Lake County had an amazing Christmas this year and I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work, especially at the last minute. This reminds me of that Hellen Keller quote, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This is so true, look at all those gifts!


November 2016

11.23.16 Today was delivery day for our Thanksgiving Project 2016! Thank you to Kelly Madsen, Marci Hassen, Amber Oler, Mysti Miskimins, Ginatare Dailey, Lisa Johnson, Katherine Zavodni, Elizabeth Payne, Jennifer Massey, Yvette Pierce, Amanda Kroepfl, Jessica Wells, Chiree La, Holly Wright, Heather Stoddard, Amy Mitchell, Sheny Allen, Nikki Aitken, Jennifer Mecham, Randi White, Kelly W., Dawn Porter and Shanel Mclenon for donating all of the items in our baskets and to Kim Gardner, Danielle Young, Ginatare Wagner and Jen Mecham for cooking for three of the families and last but not least to Kim Gardner and Jane Van Wagoner for delivering these meals to families in need at The Children’s Justice center in Salt Lake City and in West Jordan. You mommas are the best!


11.11.16 Don’t have tons of money to donate, but really want to make a difference? Wait till after a holiday like Halloween, buy costumes at 90% off then donate them to an elementary school or homeless shelter. Today we donated 16 costumes to Backman Elementary School in Rose Park to hold onto till next year. Hard to believe that you can pick up $30 Halloween costumes in November for $3 each!


11.5.16 Tonight 18 of our moms sewed 69 rice bags and 45 medical pouches for Huntsman Cancer Institute and had a blast doing it at Danielle young’s in Herriman!


October 2016

10.16.16 This morning we finished sorting 1,017 hats, 1,427 pairs of gloves and 130 scarves from our Hats & Gloves Drive. It’s still hard to believe that not only did we make bags for all of Salt Lake County’s 71 Title 1 schools, we made boxes for VOA, The Road Home, South Valley Services, U of U Homeless Student Task Force, Go Girlz, YWCA, Huntsman Cancer Institute, the West Jordan Senior Center and the Harman Senior Center in WVC. Thank you to everyone who donated and volunteered to make this project happen, we couldn’t do it without you!!

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 2.52.45 PM.png

10.1.16 These amazing SC&C moms fed over 40 of Salt Lake County’s homeless youth at VOA’s Youth Resource Center in Salt Lake City this past weekend. Thank you Renae, Marci, Elizabeth, Heather, Stephanie F. and Stephanie T. for organizing, donating and volunteering to help those in need in our community, you ladies rock!

If you’d like to provide a much needed meal at VOA, please call (801) 363-9414 and to see a full list of their volunteer opportunities, go to https://www.voaut.org/volunteer-opportunities

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 3.02.34 PM.png

September 2016

9.23.16 We ended up delivering backpacks and bags to all of Salt Lake County’s 71 Title 1 schools and The Road Home in August and September for our Back to School Supply Drive 2016. Here are the grand totals:

1,162 Boxes of Crayons, 279 Boxes of Colored Pencils, 3 Boxes of Kleenex, 20 Highlighters
28 Expo Markers, 23 Packages of Baby Wipes, 292 Packages of Markers, 97 Backpacks, 252 Boxes of 20+ #2 Pencils, 910 Pairs of Scissors, 153 Bottles of Glue, 526 Glue Sticks, 89 Packages of Pens, 27 Pencil Boxes, 11 Loose Leaf Paper, 3 Binders, 165 Erasers, 4 Rulers, 37 folders, 123 Pencil Sharpeners, 5 Index cards and 564 Notebooks

Thank you to everyone who helped by donating and delivering all these school supplies. Our moms and NATCA Charitable really are the best!

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 2.46.22 PM.png

July 2016

7.21.16 Today’s volunteer project….making burritos then delivering them on bikes to Salt Lake City’s homeless at Burrito Project SLC!


7.18.16 Today we made 165 Rice Bags to donate to Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City!! Thank you to Sarah Mastin-Call, Becky Rendell, Amber Oler, Danielle Young, Felicia Lundie, Yvette Pierce, Kim Gardner, Kelly W., Raegen Ford, Shalia Martin, Lisa Bruins, and last but not least, Jessica Milner from Sprouts for donating 200 pounds of rice. You ladies rock!!


April 2016

4.30.16 – Comcast Cares Day at The Road Home in Salt Lake City. This really is a great annual volunteer opportunity, not just for our Sippy Cups moms, but for everyone in communities all across the country. We arrived to The Road Home at 8am, cleaned, painted and cleaned some more in the women’s lounge area until noon, when we stopped for lunch. It’s amazing what a little elbow grease can do for an area that is used nearly 24/7 by hundreds of homeless women. Thank you to all who joined us, I can’t wait to do it again next year!


4.18.16 – Today was delivery day of all the items needed for the children at The Children’s Center in Salt Lake City to make the perfect garden. Thank you to all who donated cement for each child to make a stepping stone, small paper bowls, wax paper, pebbles, shells and assorted craft materials for making the stepping stones, organic compost and soil, yellow marigolds, nasturtium plants, cucumber seeds, broccoli plants, rosemary plants, cilantro plants, mint plants, strawberry plants, a large pot for the mint, trowels and gardening gloves for toddlers. It was appreciated more than you’ll ever know. Thank you!!


4.15.16 – Thank you to all our awesome moms who brought food to Wine Time in West Jordan this past weekend. The totals are in and SC&C ended up donating quite a bit of much needed food to the VOA Homeless Youth Resource Center in Salt Lake City. Thanks again ladies, VOA was over the moon when I pulled up with my minivan full of food. Oh, and keep an eye out for regular volunteer opportunities such as serving lunch and/or dinner and stocking/organizing shelves at VOA, we will be sticking them on the calendar within the next couple of weeks. Thanks again!

Here’s what was donated:

362 Pkg. Ramen, 228 Cup Noodles, 104 Pkt. Oatmeal, 96 Pop Tarts, 73 Cans of Soup, 38 Cans of Fruit, 19 Boxes of Mac ‘N Cheese, 16 Cans of Meat (Chicken & Roast Beef), 6 Cans of Vienna Sausage, 3 Cans of Chili, 6 Cans of Chef Boyardee, 6 Applesauce Squeezies, 2 Cans of Spaghettios, 1 Can of Spam and 2 Cans of Tuna


March 2016

3.23.16 – On March 18-21, 2016 something amazing happened. SC&C got a tip from Walgreens that they were selling all of their winter hats and gloves at 90% off. You know we can’t pass up a good deal, so we bought, well, a lot and ended up with 1,017 hats, 1,427 pairs of gloves and 130 scarves. Anyhoo, what we’re looking for now is anyone who would like to donate money to help us pay for all these hats and gloves that we plan on storing until fall then donating to The Road Home, Volunteers Of America for homeless youth, Huntsman Cancer Institute, the West Jordan Senior Center, YWCA and all 71 of Salt Lake County’s Title 1 schools. If you’d like to help, please go to https://sippycupsandchardonnay.org/make-a-donation/.

We’d also like to send out a huge thank you to those who have already donated their time and money towards this awesome project, because of you there will be lots of warm heads and hands in Salt Lake County next winter. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


3.21.16 – Operation Easter Bunny 2016 donated Easter baskets to 210 homeless children under age 9 at The Road Home. Thank you to the countless families who contributed to make this project such a success. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Easter Baskets

3.18.16 – Thank you to SC&C mom, Stephanie Felts, for organizing this dinner to feed homeless youth at VOA in Salt Lake City. Not only did these awesome moms serve enchiladas with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream, Spanish rice, chips & salsa, clementines, drinks and dessert, they also brought greatly needed donations from our group….15 brooms, 19 spray cleaners, 12 toilet plungers, 18 dust pans, 4 toilet brushes, 4 boxes of garbage bags, 4 packages of sponges and 4 bags of rags.


3.14.16 – This year SC&C paired up with Utah Kids Foundation to provide all the candy for their special needs Easter egg hunt in Draper. Thank you to 8 of our moms who made this possible with very little notice. Our moms really are the best!

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 3.57.17 PM.png

3.13.16 – SC&C’s first year of doing Project Valentine was a huge success. Our moms hit every Walgreens, Walmart, BigLots, Target and Kmart throughout the valley and ended up donating just over 2,000 boxes of Valentine cards (pictured below) all purchased after Valentine’s Day at 90% off. Wondering what we do with that many Valentines? We ended up putting them in apples boxes donated from Sprouts in South Jordan, labeling them with the addresses of each of the 71 Title 1 schools in Salt Lake County as well as two for The Road Home in Salt Lake City and sticking them into storage to be delivered in January 2017 and handed out to children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them.

V's  Project-2 Project V

January 2016

1.11.16 – Today 20 Sippy Cups & Chardonnay volunteers fed nearly 100 people dinner at the family shelter at The Road Home in Salt Lake. What was on the the menu? Salad, chili with cheese, sour cream, Fritos and caramelized onions with cornbread muffins, fresh fruit (apples and oranges), granola bars, drinks and for dessert, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. Thank you to all of these wonderful volunteers and a few others who donated food, this was our first time feeding a large group like this and it went exceptionally well. Thank you!!


December 2015

12.21.15 – Tonight at Candy Cane Corner, we had four moms and a dad come to volunteer stocking shelves, wrapping gifts and taking in donations. Thank you Kelly, Shelly, Stephanie and James!!

What is Candy Cane Corner?

“A holiday store that provides a dignified and empowering opportunity for low-income families and individuals who are participating in programs at the YWCA  Utah, The Road Home, and Volunteers of America, Utah to select new holiday gifts for their families.

Each year Candy Cane Corner ensures that hundreds of families have a warm and full holiday season. We are proud to celebrate our 17th year of helping families in need celebrate the holidays. This wonderful holiday program is only possible because of the support and generosity we receive from our community.”


12.21.15 – Today was delivery day for our 2015 Christmas Giving Tree. Gifts were delivered to 6 families including 13 children throughout Salt Lake County. This was the first time our group had done anything like this, but keep an eye out next November, because we will definitely be doing it again. I also want to say thank you to the countless moms who donated everything from stocking stuffers to laptops to PJ’s to Wal-Mart gift cards to toys, you ladies are what make programs like this extra special. Thank you!!


12.11.15 – With the help of NATCA Charitable (they donated $1,000!), we raised $1,300 to buy Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center a new fridge to replace their 18 year old one being held together with duct tape. Thank you NATCA Charitable!!


12.10.15 – Today Holly Edwards and her daughter, Evie, dropped off 50 more Court Bags for Kids to Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center for children who may have to spend an entire day waiting to testify in court. Hopefully this will make that wait just a little bit easier. Thank you Holly and Evie!!


12.1.15 – Today we delivered Round 1 of clothes, diapers, bedding and a Pack and Play to one of our own, a West Valley momma in need who is on bedrest with twins. In addition to helping this family with baby supplies we also set up a meal list to make things just a little easier.


November 2015

11.25.15 – Our first Annual Thanksgiving Project took place today and I hope it will continue for many years to come. More moms than I can count have dropped off everything from cranberries to fully cooked 15 pound turkeys to laundry baskets, pies and much, much more to make 9 complete dinners for families in need in the valley. Four meals were dropped off at The Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center in the Avenues, then three more at CJC’s West Jordan office and one in Murray today once again thanks to our amazing volunteers. This group has done some pretty amazing volunteer projects, but this one while lots of work was by far my favorite. Click HERE to read more about our Thanksgiving Project.


11.17.15 – Our 2015 Coat, Hat & Glove Drive with Girl Scout Troop #582 was a huge success! In total, 72 coats and two bags filled with hats, gloves and blankets were donated to The Road Home, to Mickelle Weber to be given to a group of homeless women and children in Salt Lake City and to The Utah Pride Center for homeless youth. The pic below is of me (Kelly W.), Amy Jones, Eileen Siavrakas, our amazing group of Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes with some of the coats that were collected. 


11.15.15 – Tonight thanks to Elizabeth Payne, Stephanie Felts, Susannah Holden, Jessica Wells, Danielle Young, Veronica Scarth, Shelly Jones, Kelly W., Nicole Marshall, Patricia Burke, Danielle Grieveson, Katherine Zavodni, Robyn Smallkirk and Holly Edwards we made 60 Court Bags for Kids for The Children’s Justice Center in West Jordan for children who sometimes have to spend all day in court waiting to testify. Hopefully these activity bags will make that just a little easier.


October 2015

10.15.15 – On behalf of Sippy Cups & Chardonnay, the Wood family, Jessica Wells, Danielle Young, Jessica Chase, Stevie Chapman, Sarah Knapp, Leslie Richards, Kate Warner, Niccol Flores, Tara Downing and Stephanie Brown, 161 backpacks and bags were donated to Susannah Holden at the Division of Child and Family Services in Murray, Utah to be given to children in need when they are taken from their homes and put into foster care. Thank you to everyone who contributed, you ladies really are the best! (Photo of Susannah Holden and Kelly W. at DCFS in Murray, Utah)


10.3.15 – 21 boy’s backpacks were purchased at Toys ‘R Us using $134.43 of SC&C dues to pay for them. Later this month they will be donated to DCFS in Murray.

10.2.15 – A Wine Tasting Benefit for the Road Home was held in West Jordan. Two kitchen size trash bags full of maxi pads, 1 bag of baby burp cloths and bibs, 3 bags plus 4 cases of diapers and Pull-Ups were donated on 10.3.15 along with a large box of bras and underwear for the family shelter at The Road Home.


10.1.15 – 70 full-size girl’s backpacks were purchased for DCFS at Target for $173.37 (that’s $2.48 each!), using $100.00 of SC&C dues to pay for them, the rest being donated by the Wood family.


July 2015

Susannah Holden identified a need of backpacks at DCFS for kids who are taken from their homes and have nothing to put their things in. SC&C organized a day of sewing bags for foster kids in West Jordan where half a dozen moms dove right in and sewed some of the cutest bags for kids.


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