Court Bags for Kids

Court Bags for Kids-6

Court Bags for kids are for children who have to go to court to testify in a child abuse case. They sometimes have to sit there for hours with nothing to do. Let’s give them a little something to do and hopefully brighten their day!

Please include:

  • A snack
  • A Capri Sun
  • An Activity (Coloring or Puzzle Book)
  • Stickers, Crayons and/or a Toy
  • A Message that says You Are Special!

SC&C makes these bags and donates them to The Children’s Justice Center in West Jordan. This is a super easy project for any group or individual that will truly make a kids day. If you would like to donate, please email Susanne Mitchell (CJC Donations Director) at or give her a call at 385-468-4591.