Cloth Diapers

by Danielle Young 

I started cloth diapering in 2008, when baby #2 was about a year old and I was pregnant with #3. I found the WAHM (work at home mom) cloth diaper world online and was intrigued. Did a little research on washing and decided to take the plunge! Spent about $250 on custom made diapers for my toddler and soon-to-be-newborn. A few months in I began having problems with stink and leaks. Tried troubleshooting with the mom that made them, but she had closed up shop. So I gave up and threw them all in the trash. That’s right, $250 in the trash!

Fast forward to 2011. Baby #4 was a toddler and I was pregnant with #5. My poor toddler had been suffering a horrendous diaper rash for months. I switched diapers, I switched wipes, I switched soaps, lotions, and tried every diaper cream on the planet. Nothing helped. I again considered cloth diapering, but was obviously a bit hesitant given round one’s outcome. I discovered that *quality* cloth diapers were now available from commercial manufacturers. Found the BumGenius website and researched EVERYTHING I could find, including potential issues like stinky diapers. Took the plunge again and ordered an entire stash for my little guy. Within a week of switching to cloth his rash was gone and I was hooked!

Bought a whole stash for #5 as well, switched to WAHM diapers, and then eventually began sewing my own. I even sold my handmade diapers for a short period of time, too.


Below is a list of local, national and Facebook resources for cloth diapers. Hopefully those will help, but If you ever have any cloth diaper questions, I’d be more than happy to help. Email me anytime at

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